Deepcross Church Memorial

Deepcross Church Memorial


The Deepcross Church Memorial is a beautiful and striking tribute, crafted from the finest quality granite and expertly engraved with intricate scrollwork and floral designs. Our skilled craftsmen engrave this memorial with the utmost care and precision, creating a lasting and dignified way to honor the memory of your loved one.

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Headstones Yorkshire regularly price and quality check each Headstones and Memorials to ensure we’re giving the best possible service and quality to our customers, that’s exactly why we prefer to quote you our most competitive price directly over the phone. Give us a call on 07885 595 101 or email with any questions.

How does ordering a memorial or headstone from Headstones Yorkshire work?

Headstones Yorkshire regularly price check our headstones and memorials to ensure we give the best price and quality, that’s exactly why we can quote you a price directly over the phone.

Lettering: We offer 75 free letters in black, white or silver, or, 65 free letters in gold – with an optional £2.50 per letter thereafter.

Ordering: If you’ve chosen the style of memorial you would like, simply take note of the unique memorial number, and give us a call on 07885 595 101 or contact us here to discuss your requirements.

Please note: Almost all the headstones and memorials in our collection can be made in any size, assuming these are within the burial grounds’ regulations. Shapes, finishes, and ornamentation can be changed, allowing you to create a truly unique memorial for your loved one, just give us a call.

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Deepcross Church Memorial

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand how difficult this process can be and we’re here to help you through it at every step.

We will talk you through the whole process from start to finish whether your loved one has been burief or cremated we can explain all the options and choices available to you and the process involved.

We can also deal with the cemetries on your behalf, so once you decide on how you want to mark the grave of a loved one we take care of everything.

Headstones Yorkshire personally recommend to not erect a headstone until 3-6months after the burial, as this allows the ground to settle fully, thus avoiding the possibility of the stone leaning.

The 3-6 month rule does not apply to cremation memorials or vases, which can be fixed as soon as the grave is purchased.

Note: Some burial grounds have a concrete plinth placed at the back of the grave to allow for immediate installation, which we can find out if you wish.

Certain churchyards and cemeteries have rules and regulations about the types of memorials they allow. Most will specify natural materials such as Marble, Slate or Yorkshire Stone but can also include size regulations.

Contact us with the name of the cemetery and we will advise you.

Absolutely, we can quote for any headstone in any material from either a photography or drawing.

Just get in touch with us to discuss.

We can create any size headstone, out of any material and to suit any taste. Our highly skilled stone masons can perfectly craft exactly what you want.

All headstones we fix are to a national standard. We are members of the BRAMM (British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons) so customers can be rest assured that the installation work will be of excellent quality.

Yes. If at any stage, for any reason the headstone or memorial becomes damaged or changed we can help fix and alter it.

Yes. Our aim is to match the existing style, size and finish of the original lettering.

You can include religious symbols, prayers and verses on a gravestone. Speak to us and we will be able to offer your suggestions and advice.

We serve a lot of families that have reserved a grave in a cemetery and we mark the grave with a headstone with either the family name on it or a prayer. The names of the deceased can then be added after an internment.

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