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Ayrshire Memorial


A deeply carved thistle with a bold metallic finish takes center stage in the recessed panel of this polished Black granite memorial, creating a striking and distinctive tribute to your loved one. The deep carvings in the polished granite create a beautiful contrast between the dark black background and the highly detailed thistle carving. This headstone is a testament to the enduring beauty of Scotland’s national flower, and is a fitting tribute to anyone who held a special connection to their Scottish heritage or loved the beauty of this iconic symbol.

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Headstones Yorkshire regularly price and quality check each Headstones and Memorials to ensure we’re giving the best possible service and quality to our customers, that’s exactly why we prefer to quote you our most competitive price directly over the phone. Give us a call on 07885 595 101 or email hello@headstonesyorkshire.co.uk with any questions.

How does ordering a memorial or headstone from Headstones Yorkshire work?

Headstones Yorkshire regularly price check our headstones and memorials to ensure we give the best price and quality, that’s exactly why we can quote you a price directly over the phone.

Lettering: We offer 75 free letters in black, white or silver, or, 65 free letters in gold – with an optional £2.50 per letter thereafter.

Ordering: If you’ve chosen the style of memorial you would like, simply take note of the unique memorial number, and give us a call on 07885 595 101 or contact us here to discuss your requirements.

Please note: Almost all the headstones and memorials in our collection can be made in any size, assuming these are within the burial grounds’ regulations. Shapes, finishes, and ornamentation can be changed, allowing you to create a truly unique memorial for your loved one, just give us a call.

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